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Asset Based Loans

Business assets can be used as collateral for the purpose of borrowing money for working capital. These funds can be used to invest or support in the operations of the business.

Loan Amount

$250,000 to $60 Million

Loan Term

1 to 5 Years

Interest Rate

7% to 17%

Speed of Funding

2 to 4 Weeks

Asset Based Loans

Did you know that company assets can be used to help fund your business. They can be used to obtain many different types of financing. Including the following: 1. Invoices can be used to obtain an accounts receivable line of credit. 2. Inventory can be used to obtain a line of credit. 3. Purchase orders can be used to line of credit. 4. Asset based lines of credit can be obtained by using multiple assets at the same time. Call us today to find out if you have a qualifying asset that can be used to obtain working capital.

of Asset Based Loans

Convert assets you own into working capital

Businesses that own contracts, inventory, purchase orders, and equipment can convert these assets into working capital lines of credit for everyday use.

Lines of credit

Did you know that you can access capital frequently through your company assets in the form of a line of credit. Call now for more information.