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Structured Finance

Use your assets to get larger loan sizes with low rates

Loan Amount

$100,000 to $6,000,000

Loan Term

12 to 60 Months

Interest Rate

12% Start rate

Speed of Funding

2 Weeks

Structured Finance

Use the income form your business with an unrelated Real Estate Asset that has enough equity to be used for business purposes. 70% CLTV on all deals not including land. Appraisals could be required. Rates will be in the middle teen range.

of Structured Finance

Revenue based loan

If you company has strong revenue we will approve you for a larger loan than your business would have otherwise received. Bad net income is not an issue with most of our structured finance offerings. Call to find out more.

Use equity to obtain working capital

We can use the equity in your investment properties, commercial properties, and personal properties to get approved for a loan. We can give you a second mortgage rather refinancing the first mortgage. The combined loan to value can be as high as 70%.